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Meet Skipper, your digital closing co-pilot ready to provide agents with real time text answers to file related closing questions!

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Hi, I'm Skipper!
How can I help you today? :)  

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File-Related Questions

Can I get a file update?

Have you received the buyer’s EMD?

Who is working on my file?

Who is....?    (listing agent, lender, etc.)

When is my close date?

Where is the closing?

Is title clear?

Are we recorded?

Are we funded?

Can I get a copy of the ALTA?

I have questions about a past closing.

Show me the status for all open files.

General Office Questions

Where are your office locations?

How to deposit EMD

Who to make EMD check to?

What is your phone number?

Where do I send a new order?

What are your fees?

Can I leave a message?

Milestone Messages

Skipper also keeps agents up to date with milestone messages delivered at important markers throughout the closing process: 

  * new order confirmation

  * emd receipt

  * title search under review

  * ALTA for review

  * closing complete!

And... you can always text “note to closer,” to leave a message for your closer any time of day or night!

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