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MCM and CertifID offer you peace of mind in your transaction,

so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Wire fraud is the fastest growing cyber crime in the U.S., with real estate transactions being an easy target for cybercriminals as they involve multiple parties, long cycles, readily-available public information and large amounts of money. These criminals are targeting buyers and sellers in order to steal funds that are being transferred for closings - a tactic that cost consumers billions of dollars last year. They hack emails, impersonate title companies and spoof your real estate agent in an effort to trick you or your title company into sending funds to fraudulent bank accounts under their control.

Which is why MCM Legal Group, LLC, is protecting you from wire fraud by using CertifID, a technology solution to securely exchange wiring information and guarantee your transaction up to $1,000,000. CerftifID lets you transact with peace of mind.


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easy to start

You will receive an email/ text invite from CertifID.

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Follow the directions to validate your device and identity.

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Easily review and confirm wiring information.

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Act confidently with the information provided via CertifID.

WARNING from CertifID: Don’t be tricked at the last minute.

Fraudsters strike at the eleventh-hour with convincing strategies and techniques. Do not trust any wiring information unless it comes through CertifID. This includes phone calls, emails, attachments, links, physical letters, etc. If wiring information does not automatically display to your device after you put in the unique code on CertifID, do not act! If you have any questions, visit your title company in person or call them on a number that you get through a trusted internet search engine.
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